“Meet Our Executives

Our executive team is a collective force driving innovation and excellence in the mortgage industry. With expertise spanning strategic growth, operational prowess, and groundbreaking marketing, our ensemble embodies a blend of visionary leadership and unparalleled proficiency. We pave the way for success, fostering an environment ripe for growth, collaboration, and achievement. Join us on this transformative journey, reshaping industry standards and crafting a future where your talents flourish, leaving a lasting impact.


Seeking new opportunities & solutions
to better serve our people while keeping
true to our rich history & values.


John Cady

Bringing over 35 years of mortgage industry expertise, John is dedicated to driving success at Citywide Home Mortgage. His visionary leadership and commitment to empowering teams with innovative tools and strategies make Citywide an unparalleled destination for ambitious mortgage professionals.

Years of Mortgage Experience: 34+


Guiding The Way

Rebecca Clapham
SVP of Operations

Rebecca, with extensive tenure at Citywide Home Loans, holds an unmatched understanding of its history and operations. As the SVP of Operations, her depth of knowledge forms the backbone of operational excellence, extending team members the guidance that propels their success within our team’s dynamic landscape.

Adrea Reed
Marketing Director

With over 16 years of expertise in marketing and creative services, Adrea is your strategic ally in elevating your marketing. Her proven track record in crafting impactful campaigns and fostering positive team cultures ensures a winning combination to drive success in the competitive mortgage industry.

Ryan Ellis
SVP Divisional

Ryan’s extensive experience in driving successful growth strategies within the mortgage industry positions him as a key asset for mortgage loan officers. With a proven track record in leading high-performing teams, his expertise ensures a compelling edge in achieving success within this dynamic field.

Dawn Moses
VP of Mortgage Operations

Dawn has 25 years experience in the mortgage industry and has been with Citywide since 2009. She is Citywide’s VP of Mortgage Operations with Disclosures, Underwriting, Closing/Funding and Insuring departments reporting to her. Dawn and her team are instrumental in delivering a great experience to Citywide’s customers, sales teams and referral partners.

Chuck Douglas
Director of Strategic Growth

Chuck, the visionary architect of our team’s strategic growth, propels our organization towards new heights with his expertise and foresight. With a keen eye for opportunity, he offers our team an exceptional platform ripe for unparalleled growth and achievement.